Karen Haworth

With no experience of PR, I undertook the EPIC 12 week programme.  Although this was a stretch for me that challenged me I felt that completing the programme and tasks was important. By going through each module and task, with the support from Alison and her team, I slowly began to gain an upstanding of what PR is and over the weeks started to build a set of tools that I can go back to and use at the right time for me.

As a transformational coach, I have had the skills to face and clear my fears of being visible. This is often our reluctance to fully embrace PR.  This morning before 12 pm, I have written this testimonial, altered an email pitch (I would not have considered writing an email pitch to a journalist before the course) and written two blogs (sometimes it has taken me a month to write one blog).  I have a clear insight on my next steps and who my target audience is.

I would like to thank Alison and Eleanor for their support and dedication and would recommend participating fully in any training Alison is offering.