Social Media

Social media is a key part of any successful PR campaign. Your customers and competitors are on social media and you must be too. But we know it’s hard work keeping up with the ever-changing rules – yes, it’s a challenge but we ensure we stay on top of those changes for you (and for us).

We develop social media strategies on whichever platforms are most relevant for you and your target audience. Whether its Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, You Tube, or LinkedIn – we will help you to engage with your customers, communicate your brand story and key messages, and build loyal fans and ambassadors in the process.

Social media is a great way to "humanise" your brand. Nothing ever replaces a face-to-face conversation but social media allows that conversation to happen on a global scale, easily.

Effective social media communications can provoke positive word of mouth and favourable changes in thoughts and actions. We devise attention grabbing campaigns that motivate and encourage people to take action.

We will help you identify your online goals and ensure that your presence on the social media platforms web has a knock-on effect on your business. We will also help you to build new relationships with emerging social media influencers and bloggers relevant to your target audience.