Growing Business Intelligence Webinar

Growing Business Intelligence Webinar - Adapting Your Leadership as Business Changes

Alison Shadrack, our Founder & CEO, joined the Growing Business Intelligence panel to discuss "Adapting Your Leadership as Business Changes".

As a business grows, so do the management techniques needed to get the best out of a changing team. The last few months have seen this in the extreme. Thriving businesses now struggling to survive and unexpected intense growth for others. The way you lead your business during this time impacts on the long-term success of your business.

  • What do employees want? How have their mindsets changed and how do you
    need to change yours?
  • Recognising the signs to change and altering your strategy
  • Empowering your staff - ensuring employees buy into strategic changes
  • Listening, messaging and making sure everybody understands the values


  • Chair:¬†Rachel Bridge, Editor, Growing Business Intelligence
  • Alison Shadrack, Founder / MD, Adia PR
  • Neil Potts, Co-Founder, The Vurger Co
  • Brie Read, Founder, Snag Tights

Alison is an experienced keynote and panel speaker.  To check her availability, please get in touch.