Client Highlight Coverage This Month

How to improve engagement and retention among introverted employees

Our client, Joanna Rawbone, founder of Flourishing Introverts, shared her advice with Real Business magazine. Flourishing Introverts is a platform aimed to support and raise awareness of introversion in both the professional workplace, and personally.

Of the many myths and misconceptions about introverts some of the most prevalent are that they are shy, depressed, tongue-tied loners. It’s highly likely that introverts are quieter than their more extraverted colleagues, and there’s a very good reason for it, says Flourishing Introverts founder, Joanna Rawbone.

Introverts are over-stimulated mentally, so being quiet is necessary for their productivity, and mental health. When an Introvert is exposed to a particularly loud or busy environment, especially for long periods, they can feel their batteries drain too quickly, like a smartphone in need of an upgrade!