Client Highlight Coverage This Month

Stylist - Sleep Diaries

Our client, sleep expert and professional physiologist, Dr Nerina Ramlakhan, analyses sleep diaries for Stylist magazine

“You seem to be in overdrive and the key issue is finding more balance to smooth out the energy peaks and troughs. You already have some great habits, such as cutting out caffeine and your exercise routine. Your diet is mostly good and varied, you’re working on your water intake, and your skincare routine is admirable!

“However, you could get more bang for your buck by doing some conscious breathwork during the day as you go about your day so that your energy is more gently balanced and you don’t crash out with fatigue – this type of sleep is not deeply restorative.

“You know this, but you really need to not watch Netflix in bed, and ideally keep your phone out of the room (or, at the very least, absolutely stop looking at the time when you wake in the early hours). It’s entirely normal to wake during this time, but you’re stopping yourself getting back to sleep with all the phone and time checking. When you wake in the early hours, you need to focus on resting rather than sleeping.”