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Progress:  Starting a new business during a pandemic requires fresh thinking

Ryan Jackson - Adia PR

Our client Ryan Jackson, business coach and founder of Gemini Parking Solutions, spoke to Metro newspaper.

Entrepreneur and business coach Ryan Jackson says: ‘Many entrepreneurs make the mistake of going all in based on an idea they’ve had, and do little to no research on the market.’

Ryan suggests using freelancers where you can and ensuring you don’t have a physical office to start with, to keep costs low. Using relatively inexpensive apps such as Xero can help with your budgeting.

He says: ‘Cash needs to be conserved because it is the lifeblood of your business. Look for opportunities to spread costs rather than take them in one hit — it might be cheaper to buy software subscriptions by paying up front for a year, but it’s more helpful to your cash flow to spread the cost.’

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