Maximising PR Coverage: The Next Steps

You’ve made some great press connections and submitted stories about your brand. One has been picked up and published. Now what? Is your story destined to live for a day in that newspaper or magazine, and then perish forever in some forgotten archive?

Or can you multiply the effect of that one article?

The PR experts at Adia have found that the visibility resulting from any one article can be significant; however, in order to experience maximum benefits, business owners and brand builders should be conducting a number of other steps to ensure that press coverage is being seen by all the right people.

Here are some of the things we recommend:

  • Supply Links on your Brand’s Website. I suggest creating a page on your website titled Media Coverage or something similar, with a headline like As Seen In or On. Create a page header including the logos of the publications your brand has been covered in—with the most prominent or recognisable appearing first, centre-page, or in the place where the eye is drawn. Then, provide a link with the headline and photo for each piece. Now, the people who visit (and re-visit) your website will have proof that your brand is a leader in your industry, and they’ll be more inclined to forge an association with it.
  • Share News on Social Media. Every time an article is written about your brand, you are quoted or interviewed, or your brand is mentioned on radio, television or other news outlet, make sure your followers know about it. The best way to accomplish this is through social media. Share the link to the coverage, as well as some enticing content that makes them want to click on that link to read it. Activity to the link will prove to the publishers that covering your business results in more traffic for them…and they’ll be more likely to offer future coverage.
  • Link to Press Coverage from your Blog Posts. Every blog post you write should include at least one or two internal and/or external links—so why not link to your press coverage, when it’s applicable to your blog post? This will show people that your business has been in the news, with coverage of a topic relevant to the blog post they’re already reading.
  • Nurture Relationships with News Outlets. If you send a press release and it’s published, if you are interviewed and it’s aired…no matter what type of coverage your brand receives, always be sure to show your gratitude. When you send an email expressing your appreciation for the coverage, for example, you make an impression because not everyone is willing to take the time to do so. Do this, and you’re likely to be remembered by that journalist next time a need arises.

There are more things you can do to maximise the benefits of your press coverage; however, these simple, yet highly effective, points should get you started on your way to visibility. As always, should you have any questions about enhancing your business’s PR, contact us.