How much time do I need to make this work?

You need to be able to devote 1–2 hours per week for this programme. Time to listen to the weekly video and do the assignments/exercises and another hour to attend the live Q&A session or watch/listen to the replay.

I have no PR experience

Not a problem at all – this is a beginner’s course for small business owners. It’s not a course teaching you how to become a PR Pro to go work in an agency. It’s teaching you the essentials to understand how PR will help your business.

I am a terrible writer

Says who? Some PR opportunities don’t require you to do any writing – the journalist will do it for you. But some you will have to provide content. We can teach you how to structure your press releases and media pitches. If you’re really struggling we can offer an additional Done For You service at … Read more

Do I need to have a website?

If you’re going to promote yourself and/or your business you need to have somewhere or something to send people to if they’re interested to find out more. So ideally yes you should have a website. But if you have a specific case where you think it isn’t necessary, get in touch and we can discuss … Read more