What the goal was

How to Build a Brand providing branding services and expertise to clients around the world. Their initial brief was to publicise their Brand Building Bootcamps. However, after working through their strategy, we quickly ascertained that we should focus on building their founder, Sammy Blindell’s, reputation within the national and business press along with securing speaker opportunities and TV and radio appearances.

What we did

We began to work with the key business publications which would tap into How to Build a Brand’s core target audience of SME’s and Start Ups. We identified a core list of publications which would support HTAB and give them maximum exposure. This list included radio, TV, business publications and the national press.

We then sought to secure a monthly article in key business publications which would ensure consistent visibility and be supported by article contribution within the national press and a reactive media presence.

What was the result?

HTBA received a huge amount of coverage and has been quoted and featured in all the leading business publications including Forbes, Raconteur, Real Business and Fresh Business Thinking.

They’ve also regularly appeared in The Guardian, Virgin and Small Business as well as commenting live on features for Radio 5 and BBC news.

PR Gallery

BBC News5Live - Mars
GEW webinar
Real Business
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Talk business
Talk business
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