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How To Do Your Own PR

Hosted by Alison Shadrack, Founder of Adia PR

Recognised as a UK Top 5 PR Adviser and Top 50 Business Adviser by Enterprise Nation and Experian

Whether you are looking to launch or grow your business or become recognised as the "go-to expert" or "authority" in your field, I will share everything you need to:

  • stand out from the crowd
  • build brand awareness
  • secure media coverage
  • and raise your own profile

The 'How To Do Your Own PR' course will make you media ready, media friendly and media savvy!

You will discover the things that can make the difference between being a well-kept secret and a worldwide sensation!  Which one sounds better to you?

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Alison Shadrack


This course is for you if:

  • You've been struggling to raise awareness and spread the word about your products or services even though they are great.
  • You think the press would be interested in you / your business but you just don't know where to start to get press coverage.
  • You'd like to raise your profile as a thought leader, go-to expert or disrupter in your field.


It’s the quiet influence that makes the biggest noise

Here’s what the How To Do Your Own PR online course gives you:

  • Know how to position yourself as an expert in your field, a thought-leader in your industry, or even a trailblazer amongst your peers (and know which one of those you want to be!)
  • Learn how to raise awareness about yourself and spread the word about your brand
  • Understand (and believe!) that you are not a “nobody” and that you do have something to say, that people want to listen to.
  • Show your prospects the value of your products and services
  • Know how to easily build credibility and manage your reputation
  • See how to stand out from the crowd and grab the attention of the media – both online and traditional print media (magazines & newspapers)
  • Know how to get speaking gigs in front of your target audience
  • Know how to promote your new book and get rave reviews
  • Learn how to launch your new product or service as the next ‘big thing’.
  • Speak to journalists with confidence and clarity.

If you’re a small business, with limited resources, but the time to take action, I will show you step by step exactly what to do.


Here’s why the How to Do Your Own PR course works:

The course is clear and easy for anyone to follow.  Delivered online, you are free to watch the video classes whenever convenient for you and as many times as you need over the course of a year.

You’ll receive templates, worksheets, and lists of resources, to make it as easy as possible to turn the theory you are learning into direct action for your business.

Complete the assignments and apply the learning directly to your business.  No need to wait until the end of the programme, you can take action and get results as soon as you're ready.

You will learn how to compile your very own media contact list tailored for you and your business (this is a list of the journalists and media publications you need to be speaking with).

AND you have access to Alison and her team of PR Professionals via the Facebook Group to ask any questions and get feedback on your assignments.


How the course works:

The course is delivered online – when you sign up, you will have instant access to the How To Do Your Own PR Membership Centre.

I recommend you work through the classes in their current order.  However, you have immediate access to all of the classes so if there is something urgent that you'd like help with, then you can jump straight to it.

You will also have direct access to the assignments, worksheets and templates.  

Module 1: Research & Clarity

  • Class 1: Positioning and Nailing your 'Big Deal'
  • Class 2: Identifying your Target Audience (ideal customers) and Target Media
  • Class 3: Identifying and building your Target Journalists, Bloggers & Influencers List
  • Class 4: What’s Your Hook? Preparing your Key Messages and Story Ideas

Module 2: Media Relations

  • Class 5: Writing Press Releases that Journalists will Read!
  • Class 6: Preparing your Media Kit
  • Class 7: Mastering the Art of Pitching to Journalists
  • Class 8: Meet the Journalist

Module 3: PR Masterclasses

  • Class 9: Bad PR? Handling Negative Press and Reviews
  • Class 10: Dealing with Press Interviews
  • Class 11: Preparing Case Studies
  • Class 12: Promoting your brand by Blogging, Vlogging and Podcasts

With each class, you will be assigned actions that you can implement directly into your business.

This course is designed to provide you with real results, ie actual media coverage.  

Get started straight away!

If you're ready to stop being the best kept secret in your field, join me and I'll help you to stop playing small and finally attract the attention you deserve!


Price: £499 +VAT

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time do I need to make this work?

You need to be able to devote 1–2 hours per week for this programme. Time to listen to the weekly video and do the assignments/exercises and another hour to attend the live Q&A session or watch/listen to the replay.

I have no PR experience

Not a problem at all – this is a beginner’s course for small business owners. It’s not a course teaching you how to become a PR Pro to go work in an agency. It’s teaching you the essentials to understand how PR will help your business.

I am a terrible writer

Says who? Some PR opportunities don’t require you to do any writing – the journalist will do it for you. But some you will have to provide content. We can teach you how to structure your press releases and media pitches. If you’re really struggling we can offer an additional Done For You service at an additional cost.

Do I need to have a website?

If you’re going to promote yourself and/or your business you need to have somewhere or something to send people to if they’re interested to find out more. So ideally yes you should have a website. But if you have a specific case where you think it isn’t necessary, get in touch and we can discuss it.

What type of businesses does this work for?

All types of businesses need to be proactive with their PR to build a strong and credible reputation and attract their ideal clients.


About Alison Shadrack

adiapr-web-logoAlison Shadrack, founder and CEO of Adia PR, is a serial entrepreneur with a wealth of connections and a talent for raising awareness and building influence.

Alison's passion for good PR is at the heart of everything she does, which is why she was recognised by Enterprise Nation and Experian as one of the UK's Top50 Business Advisers and Top5 PR Advisers in 2018. Alison was also awarded the Highly Commended Small Business Director of the Year award by the Institute of Directors (East of England) in 2017.

As PR adviser to some of the UK's top entrepreneurs and disrupters, Alison has built an enviable reputation that keeps her little black book of contacts growing. Still, she takes this all in her stride and is just as enthusiastic to work with young entrepreneurs and start-ups as she is with those at the top of their game.

Alison has been invited to speak at numerous business and industry events about the power of PR and how small businesses can use it to propel their businesses to success:

  • Institute of Directors - Women in Enterprise Summit
  • The Business Show
  • Mums in Enterprise
  • Making It Big in Entrepreneurship
  • One of Many
  • NatWest

Alison has also written numerous articles about PR for SMEs in many national newspapers and leading business publications and websites. You will find some of them here...

For more advice and top tips from Alison, please join her free Facebook Group community 'The PR Hub for Entrepreneurs'


Don’t just take our word for it...

Heena Thaker portrait

Doing the How to Do Your Own PR course was a real eye opener in how I could leverage PR to promote my business. I found I could take what I was already doing in my business to generate more awareness and visibility of myself and my business without having to increase my marketing spend.

Good PR increases credibility and enhances trust with customers even when you are a start-up and this is a great way to build your brand and reputation. I learnt to identify my ideal audience and Ali helped me to write my Expert Bio which I have used time and time again since.

The course was definitely a valuable investment which has yielded results in many ways for me.

Heena Thaker


With no experience of PR, I undertook the EPIC 12 week programme.  Although this was a stretch for me that challenged me I felt that completing the programme and tasks was important. By going through each module and task, with the support from Alison and her team, I slowly began to gain an upstanding of what PR is and over the weeks started to build a set of tools that I can go back to and use at the right time for me.

As a transformational coach, I have had the skills to face and clear my fears of being visible. This is often our reluctance to fully embrace PR.  This morning before 12 pm, I have written this testimonial, altered an email pitch (I would not have considered writing an email pitch to a journalist before the course) and written two blogs (sometimes it has taken me a month to write one blog).  I have a clear insight on my next steps and who my target audience is.

I would like to thank Alison and Eleanor for their support and dedication and would recommend participating fully in any training Alison is offering.

Karen Haworth