15 × 15-minute PR actions to help improve your visibility, generate demand for your opinions and establish your expertise

Get immediate access to the 15 actions - all explained, along with examples and helpful tips in one PDF to download and keep, plus a separate PDF checklist to tick off the actions as you complete them.

Alison Shadrack-Brown

Founder of Adia PR

Being the quickest to respond, or most prepared with exactly what a journalist or event organiser wants, can sometimes be the key difference between your story being shared and someone else's. And if you want to be front and centre of a conversation, presenting your expertise, being ready counts.

How to use these 15 × 15-minute PR actions

You may want to read them all through and make a note where you have ‘gaps’ in your PR preparation and do those first.

Or you may want to work through them in order as a methodical ‘checklist’ (and we’ve shared a list you can tick off if that helps).

These actions will help prepare you for press opportunities, showcase what you know and how you think and create chances to be published, interviewed and invited to speak.

Some say getting good PR is luck, but we like to think:

luck = preparation + opportunity

If you get all 15 of these 15-minute actions done, you’ll be well prepared for any media opportunity.

And if you’re still wondering why to do PR...

There are many ways to use PR to open new doors and secure fantastic opportunities for yourself and your business:

  • Press

    Be featured in magazines, quoted in the newspaper, get your articles shared in the business press, be interviewed or make an appearance on TV or radio news

  • Books

    Secure a book publishing deal or get people to write reviews of your newly launched book

  • Speaking

    Be invited to speak at events whether that’s as a keynote, on a panel or as a guest on a podcast

  • Awards

    Get shortlisted or win awards for your business or secure a position as a judge of the awards

Reap the benefits from your actions:

  • Raise awareness of a new product/idea/service
  • Disrupt your market/industry sector
  • Strengthen your positioning - be seen as a credible expert or a thought leader in your field
  • Improved lead generation (attracting prospects to contact you)
  • Investment opportunities
  • Attract new and improved talent to work in your team
  • Educate and change behaviour of your market/ideal audience
  • Increase in traffic to your website
  • Share with a wider audience your purpose/mission
  • Support a worthy cause
  • Attract NED or Trustee roles/positions

What experts and business owners say about working with Adia PR


Not only were we in The Sunday Times, we were on the front cover and had a full page and a quarter article. Investing in PR is a great way to raise awareness of your brand.

Alison Edgar


Raising my own profile in turn helped to raise that of Online Business School especially within the education trade sector.

John Holden

Sonia Pash Co-Founder Director Pash

I felt that Adia PR went an extra mile every single time to make sure we got the maximum result. From the beginning, we felt that they understood our business, objections and priorities. The team managed to secure an excessive number of online and printed publications

Sonia Pash

Chris Martin portrait

It’s not often that you appoint a partner or supplier to your business and they exceed just about every expectation you had of what they might deliver. Over the course of the past 12 months, the Adia PR team have done just that for ‘Will It Make The Boat Go Faster?’. If you want a PR agency to work with your business, get to really know you and what you need…and then deliver it…pick up the phone to Alison at Adia PR.

Chris Martin

Simon Forbes portrait

Adia PR has strong relationships and connections with many journalists across the U.K who are ready to hear your story. They have real substance and you really can ‘Be heard, be seen and be a success’.

Simon Crowther

Marianne Page portrait

Through a continuous stream of very targeted and relevant media opportunities, speaking gigs and awards, Adia have placed us in front of the ‘right’ people, positioned me as the expert, and ensured that our message is heard. What more would you want from your PR partner?

Marianne Page

Rochelle Trup Co-Founder Arthur Online

We have received tremendous coverage in the media within the targeted industries. We have been featured in over 30 different high-profile publications nationwide, the amount of exposure since the beginning has been excellent.

Rochelle Trup