Seven must-read DIY PR tips for small businesses

Alison Shadrack, founder of Adia PR, shares her insight: “Having a PR strategy can make a huge difference to the success of your small business, which I experienced first hand when previously I founded an online business that sold imported Italian food.”

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Small Business PR: How to Do PR on a Budget

You’re running an SME. You’re working night and day to grow your business, and you’re doing it on a shoestring budget. You know that you need to increase visibility for your brand in the market, and yet you can’t seem to find the money to hire a PR firm. What is a driven, focused business owner to do?

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Maximising PR Coverage: The Next Steps

You’ve made some great press connections and submitted stories about your brand. One has been picked up and published. Now what? Is your story destined to live for a day in that newspaper or magazine, and then perish forever in some forgotten archive?

Your Small Business: A PR Treasure

As a small business owner working to increase brand awareness, you think often about the value of public relations and press coverage. You have bemoaned your lack of an advertising budget. You have felt a pang of envy toward large corporations that are quoted regularly in newspaper and magazine articles, whose representatives speak on national programmes and are recognised by industry influencers.