Simon Forbes portrait

Working with Adia PR is always enjoyable. Not only are the team great fun to work with, but they care about your business and get results.

I have been in local, trade, and national press as a result of Adia PR’s work. Alison Shadrack, Director at Adia PR has strong relationships and connections with many journalists across the U.K who are ready to hear your story.

Adia PR have real substance and with them you really can ‘Be heard, be seen and be a success’.

Simon Crowther

Marianne Page portrait

What I love about Adia PR is that it’s personal - they really care about me, my business and getting our message out to the world.

Before starting work with them I was invisible; struggling to reach the business owners who would most benefit from what we do.

Through a continuous stream of very targeted and relevant media opportunities, speaking gigs and awards, Adia have placed us in front of the ‘right’ people, positioned me as the expert, and ensured that our message is heard. What more would you want from your PR partner?

Marianne Page


When you are a Small Business, finding the right PR may be very difficult: too big, and you risk to have a huge bill and be neglected; too small, and you can save money while not having a good service.

I found the perfect fit with ADIA PR: client-centric and cost-effective, they really understand me and I have seen my PR profile grow in a few months.

Stefano Maifreni


We engaged Adia PR to raise our profile within the independent school arena. We're a premium private tutor agency and the majority of our clients come from referrals and word of mouth recommendations.

Adia rose to the task and secured My Tutor Club regular features within Schools House and Independent School Parent, they also secured coverage within The Evening Standard and The Telegraph which resulted in new parents and tutors contacting us.

The coverage we received has been a great marketing tool for us and is a mark of approval for future parents looking to hire a tutor for their child. It's a competitive market and without doubt the coverage received helps us to stand out.

Cyrus Afkhami


I used Adia PR to promote an exhibition for my gallery; they were very friendly, professional and most importantly produced results! They successfully generated PR for the exhibition, including major broadsheets and a more specialized art media outreach, including interviews, reviews and articles. I was very happy with the outcome, which largely contributed to the success of the exhibition.

Ali and her team were attentive, informative and lead me through every step of their PR strategy, which gave me the confidence and the autonomy to pursue other areas of my business. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them for any other business looking to generate media coverage or expand their brand. Their professionalism and know-how was next to non.

Leontia Reilly


Even at the start of my business, national coverage was always something I yearned for. Despite having cultivated relationships with the journalist, I still could not reach the holy grail of the broadsheets. Until that is, I enlisted the help of Adia PR.

Not only were we in The Sunday Times, we were on the front cover and had a full page and a quarter article. Press and PR are not a quick win to sales, but ones you have been featured, no one can ever take the kudos away.

Investing in PR is a great way to raise awareness of your brand.

Alison Edgar


Adia PR are a pleasure to work with, their knowledge of the education field, their contacts and their enthusiasm secured Online Business School coverage in key publications.

It was great to see how they don't just focus on getting PR for the platform but also for myself, the business owner.

Raising my own profile in turn helped to raise that of Online Business School especially within the education trade sector.

John Holden


Adia have been an incredible support to my business over the last few months, they have been like an extended part of the Too Fat to Run team, which until recently consisted of me and me alone, taking the time to understand the direction of my work and helping to source opportunities for PR that I hadn't originally considered.

The value they have given has been amazing and the ladies in the team are a joy to work with.

Julie Creffield

Farah Radford

We've had a great experience with Adia PR. Their account director Eleanor has been instrumental in helping us obtain coverage from top-tier news organisations (i.e. the Telegraph) as well as vertical-specific publications like Brand Republic, Start Up Donut, IT Donut etc that are very closely aligned with our target customers.

They have a great understanding of our business and are always willing to go the extra mile. I would highly recommend them to anyone, specially startups.

Farah Radford


Adia PR is a fantastic team to work with. They are extremely knowledgeable and passionate about what they do and are experts in thinking outside the box when it comes to anything promotional and marketing wise!

Crowdfunding campaigns, social media promotion, product launches - they can and have done it all, becoming specialists in all areas of PR. Working with them is a joy; both Alison and Eleanor are wonderful people to work alongside.

Using Adia PR is a bit like rocket fuel for a business as they seem to have bottomless pit of ideas and ways to promote your business to a global audience!! A five star recommendation!

Becky Benfield