About Adia PR

Founded in November 2013, Adia PR has quickly become known as The PR Agency for Entrepreneurs.

Our founder, PR expert Alison Shadrack, created Adia off the back of solid experience, great connections and a love of PR. She has carefully put together an expert team of PR professionals dedicated to getting you noticed. As our motto goes, we will help you to Be Heard, Be Seen and Be A Success. We will secure the media attention you deserve to ensure maximum visibility for you as an entrepreneur and your brand.

We're a boutique agency, with minimal overheads, which means our rates are more than reasonable and you'll pay only for the work we do, not for our fancy offices and cappuccino machine. Our work ethic is to help you generate profits that will far exceed our bill and your expectations.

We work with clients in many different industry sectors and our clients are based throughout the UK and International too.  The one thing they have in common is the desire to stand out as disruptors or thought leaders in their industry.  Their product, service or idea is shaking up their sector in some shape or form and deserves greater exposure to ensure all of their target audience see it or hear about it.

We're extremely selective about who we work with, just as you should be. If we don't think we can help you, we won't waste your time.

If we feel you're the right client for us, we'll become part of your team for the duration of our partnership and in return, you'll have our focus, passion and absolute dedication to your inevitable success.

We can work out which media are looking to cover your business topics and stories, how to drive traffic to your crowdfunding campaign, which events you need to be seen at, how to launch your book, which awards you should be entering and how to create greater engagement on your social media platforms.

When you work with Adia PR, you'll discover that it's the understanding of your business and attention to detail that sets us apart.

And it's personal too - if you're interested in becoming a client, the first person you will speak to is Alison. She knows her business inside out and will know in the first 15 minutes of the conversation if Adia PR can help you.

Ready to stop being the best kept secret in your industry? Then sign up now to book your one-to-one call with Alison.