Social Media

Social media presents many opportunities for brands to connect to their target audience:

  • Gain new customers - engage and build relationships with potential customers in order to convert them to new ones.
  • Customer service - many customers will use social media platforms to share their views (positive and negative) about your products.  Being ready to swiftly handle comments in a professional manner  will do wonders for your reputation.
  • Stakeholders - it is important to engage with all people who may have an influence on your business - customers, stockists, suppliers, journalists, bloggers, etc.  In return, they will be ore likely to reciprocate by liking, commenting on and sharing your updates.


We are experts in social media and can take care of any and every aspect from the set-up of pages and accounts to training sessions to managing the accounts for you.




The social media site LinkedIn has a crucial role to play in Business to Business PR. Certainly, every CEO and the main directors and sales people of a business should have their profiles listed on LinkedIn. Your clients will expect to see you there!


Adia PR can help prepare and update powerful profiles on LinkedIn to ensure optimal exposure. We will help you to:

  • build new useful contacts
  • get noticed by your target clients who you would like to work with
  • attract a steady stream of new business leads.

So how do we do this? Call us and we'll be happy to talk you through it.



Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest and more

There are countless other social media sites that can also play a role in raising your profile and building new business leads. These include: Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest and many more.


Social media can help your business to share brand stories, customer voices and engage with existing and prospective clients.  Social media is a great way to "humanise" your brand. Nothing ever replaces a face-to-face conversation but social media allow that conversation to happen on a global scale.

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