Operation Talk Talk

One of the most cost effective ways to promote your company, brand, product, service, etc is to have a credible person talk about it.  For example:

  • a journalist writing about your product in a magazine article
  • a restaurant critic giving your establishment a rave review
  • a well known blogger praising your service in their daily blog post


Adia PR's speciality is our ability to get amazing press coverage and word of mouth. This is partly due to our range of personal contacts in the media and beyond and also our know-how in pitching ideas and stories to them.  This type of publicity is worth far more than advertising and yet paradoxically it won't cost you anywhere near as much.  People are far more likely to try a product or contact a business after reading about it through positive PR as opposed to advertising.


Call us to see how we can help you get impressive press coverage and rapid results even with a limited budget.

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