Icebreaker is a Danish designed revolutionary ice cube tray that has struck a chord with a global audience thanks to its great design and simplicity.   


Areas covered:

  • Kickstarter - Consultation pre-campaign
  • Media Coverage (worldwide)
  • Copywriting - text for the Kickstarter page and website
  • Reputation management
  • Social media campaign


And-Ice, the creators of Icebreaker, approached us for advice on how to promote a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for production.  We started working with them 8 weeks before the campaign launched on Kickstarter to ensure we had as many backers ready to place their orders from Day 1.  A great start is crucial to the success of a Kickstarter campaign.


We assisted with the planning, wrote the content for the landing page (to direct traffic to pre-campaign), wrote the content for the Kickstarter campaign page and of course the press releases.


The campaign was a great success smashing through the 100% funding goal in a couple of weeks.  Icebreaker was also selected as a "Staff Picked" campaign.


The 1,786 backers will receive their Icebreakers in June 2016 and are expected to be available in retail stores in December 2016.

Me-Mover FIT

The Me-Mover is a Danish start-up bringing active Scandinavian lifestyle to the world.  Its main product is the Me-Mover FIT, a human-powered step machine on three wheels.  Activating 6 of 8 major muscle groups it is a full body trainer that gets you fit faster with a low impact but high intensity workout and is a blast to ride.


Areas covered:

  • Kickstarter - Consultation pre-campaign
  • Media Coverage (UK)
  • Social media campaign


Me-Mover asked us to carry out the PR for their Kickstarter campaign as they had seen the work we had done for the Icebreaker campaign (see above) and received a recommendation from the And-Ice founder.


The campaign was a great success:

  • hit the 100% funding in just 2 days
  • selected as a "Staff Picked" campaign
  • selected as "Project of the Day"
  • reached two stretch goals
  • won the crowdprize for best Danish crowdfunding campaign!


The 175 backers will receive their Me-Movers in June 2016 and can also be pre-ordered on their website.

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